Anonymous asked: People pls don't compare z and Val to Aliyah and r kelly it is not the same thing not even close and never will be I do not want valdaya's story being compared to that of a pedaphiler so people need to chill





I was thinking the same thing. Although admittedly there are some similarities present. As for the pedo comment, Aaliyah was not innocent in the situation. Love can do some strange things.Takes two to Tango.

Seriously? Aaliyah was fucking 14 years old and R Kelly was an actual pedophile who sexually abused about a dozen of other 14 year old girls. This is not comparable at all and the comparisons need to stop. There was nothing romantic about that situation.

I have not heard that shit. I agree. There is NO comparison at all. Please do not taint something that is beautiful and natural by trying and I stress trying to connect the two.

Similarities go as far as an older man developed feelings for a younger girl and the girl reciprocating.

The “love does strange things” is in reference to when a 14 year old girl develops strong feelings for a guy no one in the world can make her think twice about it. Majority of us being girls should know that. You can’t tell a young teenage girl shit once she sets her mind to something. She was in an adult word and probably felt she was mature enough to handle it. Of course he manipulated her as well as multiple others there is no doubt about that but Aaliyah could have gone to her parents, so many other steps could have been taken even back then but instead chose to participate in the relationship (hence a marriage). So like I said it takes two to tango. Both were at fault for different reasons, one more at fault than the other but still both responsible. As well as Aaliyah parents for not regulating the situation and nipping it in the bud earlier.

As far as trying to “taint” a beautiful relationship by pointing out that and older man and a younger girl developed some type of relationship, you better miss me with that bullshit.

Stop assuming you know shit about the situation. You were not either party, you were not there. the fact of the matter is NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT, RKELLY IS A PEDOPHILE AND A FUCKING RAPIST. You are a disgusting individual for victim blaming and justifying the rape of a FOURTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL by a GROWN ASS MAN.

Get your basic ass self and explanations out of here, they make 0 fucking sense and only expose exactly how ignorant you truly are. SHE WAS SEXUALLY ABUSED AND TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF BY THIS MAN. Fuck outta here with this romanticizing nonsense. You’re trash. Period.

And save your energy replying with a million gifs or a poorly written mess of another victim blaming rape justfying reply, i dont have the time for basic ass people like you who know absolutely nothing.

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